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Nick Silver P-90® Guitar Pickups



Blue Moonlight

  Blue Moonlight pickups have excellent pick attack,
exceptional definition and wide frequency range response.
Designed with Custom Alnico 2 magnets and wound...



Blues Jasmine

  Blues Jasmine pickups have a fat clean tone with a wide dynamic range and lots of harmonic detail.
The Alnico 5 magnets keep the bass and mid range solid, while...





Blues Jasmine -5% Underwound

  Blues Jasmine -5% pickup has more brilliant Highs than the Blues Jasmine, while the Bass response remains solid. 
You can match it with our...




Blues Jasmine -10% Underwound

  Blues Jasmine -10% has the ultimate clean P-90® tone!
The Highs are crystal clear while the Low notes and
Mids are solid and tight with excellent...



Blues Jasmine +5% Overwound

  Blues Jasmine +5% has great fat Low end and strong Mids.
Wound hotter than the Blues Jasmine giving massive bottom end
with exceptional definition while pushing...