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Don Corleone - Telecaster® Pickups

Tele Purple new
* Position:



Although the godfather of the mob, Don Vito Corleone followed a strict
moral code of loyalty to friends and 
above all, family.
At the same time, he was a traditionalist who demanded respect
consistent with his deadly status.

Nick Silver Don Corleone pickups follow the same strict moral code
with loyalty to the traditional Tele sound.

Designed with Alnico 5 magnets and wound to vintage late 60’s specs
with a lot of authentic “twang” and natural sustain.

• The bridge pickup has the original vintage sound of a Tele with brilliant midrange.
• The neck pickup has a soft midrange for a mellow tone and clean highs for note definition.

Flat Pole Magnets.
Bridge pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling operation in middle position.
Vintage cloth push-back lead wire.
Wax potted.

DC Resistance: Neck: *5.6kΩ,  Bridge: *7.3kΩ
*DC resistance is approximate

Artists: Babis Tyropoulos, Gregg Giarelis, Giannis Armaos



 Clean Sound           Overdriven Sound